Friday, March 11, 2016

Some type of living

Dear blog, how u doing? tonight i'm just feel like writing down random things on you :D
Ok. first thing is this past 3 weeks, I've been bothered by thoughts of the end of my life. Sounds creepy yet scary right?. I was wondering, what would it like when i have to leave this world. Will there be anyone crying over me besides my family? Will i have good things left behind? memories, useful knowledge for my students, good impressions for anyone knows me, anything? Or will i just be some kinda blowing winds in people eyes?
Yes, i do admit i haven't done much of good things. I even have thousands of dreams to be true. Deep down in my heart, the most terrifying thing for me is when there's no one  keep me in their memory. well.. beside things/promises that i forget to give back T_T ( i wont be religious in this, since it's private matters :D)
I've decided for myself, when i turn 24 this year, i have to at least make 1 dream come true. That would be Me making moves to reach my scholarship for 2017!

Other thing that i've discovered lately, is that maybe i'm a FU****I >.< is that a sin? well i just love to see the story lines, how they show and fight for love to each other. It's amazing how you yield and admit even kneel down to show how much u love your other half. no matter what world will give you when u'r with him. Actually i'm quite confused, whether i want them to be real or i want them to be better -_-a

pardon my bad english. actually the main reason for writing in english is that i want to train my english writing for my IELTS which i dont know when to take yet LOL
FYI i'm writhing this while listening to my lovely Sarah Berailes songs #skipped!  see ya blog!