Monday, April 25, 2016

My Chinese Fever

Hi. such a long time (>o<)/  well, lately I've been busy studying and teaching at the same time, while also sooo into this 1 particular man named 黄景瑜. He driving me crazy. He got all that a man should has, as for me, he got beyond those perfection. As to know him better, i created a Weibo (twitter of china) account, just to follow him and get updates of him. I've even started to learn about the language which was the language i hated the most, mandarin. Since idk if he can speak English /not, and I've never heard/see him speak/write anything in English T_T
I've been sending him DMs on Instagram every single day just to say Halo and cheer him up. ikr, it's so embarrassing to doing these things. it's so not me at all. but for god's sake i really cant help it. i knew he might never read all those DMs but for me, hoping that someday he'll come up to his DMs and see my name on it, fingers crossed he'll read them, it's worth to dream for.
I've tried to chat him in Weibo too, but sadly due to how popular he's in China now, he git about 1k massages / second so kinda hard to get response from there T_T. YES! HE IS THAT POPULAR!! He even got his name written in CNN chart as the shining new comer.
He's so my type. he got all of my types represented into a fine young man named 黄景瑜. His International name is Johnny btw. He's 184cm tall, was born in 30-10-1992. YES! WE WERE BORN IN THE SAME YEAR. HE MIGHT BE REALLY FATED TO BE MY MATE >.< He is a funny yet silent man, likes to do sports, especially BRAZILIAN JIUJITSU. he has wide chest, good posture, his face is just ordinary chinese men type of face, but his jaw is so strong and firm, so manly.Oh! and his teeth is so cute when he smiles. We say it's his Tiger teeth. OMG i'm melted anytime i see him smile >.<.His voice is also PERFECT! I can even fall for his back! it's so perfect to lean on. he's just got his black belt in Jiujitsu, and i'm so happy and proud of him for that. if you ask me what so special about him despite these general matters, idk myself. I've been a fan of many guys like Adam Levine, Joel Madden, Billy Joe, Chef Juna, Vin Diesel, etc. But never 1 of them made me cry like Johnny did to heart beats fast like going to popped out anytime i see his pictures, even just a candid low-res pic. His fashion style is also my favorite. casual, mostly black, jacket/hoodie, hat, great sneakers, black mask, black sun glasses. HE IS A REAL ANGEL FALL FROM HEAVEN.
He is now busy do some photo shoots, interviews and stuff. But i know what he likes to do the most is Jiujitsu :( i can only support anything he do, i'm happy as long as he is. I wish i can find someone who can make me fall this deep.

Back to the matters with language, i have some recommendation for you guys who are trying to learn mandarin as i am, there're so many apps in playstore (android) to help. i have about 4 different apps installed to learn mandarin. You just have to type "learn chinese" and i suggest you to pick by the rating. Mandarin is really worth to learn, since there're many job vacancy requiring Chinese (mandarin) skill.  

enough with this, idk why i writing this, but i just feel like writing about him here.